Investing for your Retirement

Are you going to be able to retire? And if you do, will you be in a position to enjoy your life, pay bills and maintain an acceptable level of health?

Those can be chilling questions if you haven't thought about them much. If you haven't given them adequate thought, that means you haven't prepared for the inevitable.

Real estate investment can help you answer those questions and remove that chill factor.

Let's face it. Not only will you not want to spend your golden years working, you may not be able to, regardless of whether you would like to. You may live well up into your 80s or 90s and be unable to do the job you are doing today—or any job for that matter.

You need to lay the foundation of security and happiness for your future self. Real estate can help you do that.

This is because, as your investments age, they should be making more and more money. Real Estate makes money in three ways

1. Cash flow

2. Appreciation

3. Mortgage Paydown

According to Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad book series, you need to build a business system that can operate without you, thereby making money without working for it. Then take a portion of that money and invest it, thereby exponentially increasing your earning potential. Have you heard of making your money work for you instead of vice-versa? That is what this means.

Real Estate is a great vehicle for this type of investment.  It can operate and create wealth without your time.  It is important to note that developing a great real estate team is extremely important to reach this goal. A real estate team in London Ontario should consist of 

Real Estate Investment familiar Mortgage Broker

Real Estate agent that is also an investor

Home Inspector



Property Manager 

maintenance name a few

After a while you should see your money start to grow exponentially. Then you are on your way to a happy retirement.

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