Home Staging in Fall / Autumn

Autumn Staging

Fall and spring are both favoured staging seasons among home sellers and Realtors.

As opposed to the spring and summer markets, when November rolls around, interest in your open house tends to dwindle.

Marketing to prospective buyers almost always starts with the photos. You'll want your home to make a good impression on potential home buyers, in the same sense as when you meet someone for the first time.


Here's a few things to think of:

Autumn curb appeal – Landscaping is more important than ever, in this season. Make sure the front and back yards are well landscaped. Clean out the eaves-troughs.

Don't go overboard with the Halloween décor, a door mat and a few pumpkins is perfectly fine.

Stay on top of all the leaves that are beginning to accumulate in flower beds and your lawn, the last thing you want is to give the impression that the home needs a lot of maintenance.

Create a warm and comfortable atmosphere – You want buyers to become emotionally attached when they visit your home. They need to be able to imagine themselves living there, so as things cool down outside you'll want things to be cozy inside. Show them how nice it would be to live here year-round.

Turn on the fireplace, or stack firewood in it (if it isn't working, fix it instead of giving them something to haggle you over).

Give your furniture an inviting feel for the season. Bed's should have fluffy and warm comforters, dressers should be bare and clean, and consider putting out some battery operated candles. 

They say a home is actually sold four times: the first time is online, the second time is from the outside, the third is when they come inside, and the fourth is when the actual transaction takes place.