Sell Your Home Checklist.

Sell Your Home Checklist

Meet with a Real Estate professional
A Real Estate professional will take care of many details you may not want to be bothered with (placing signs, fielding calls, marketing, showing your home, etc.) and bring experience to the table. To find a Real Estate professional , ask friends and relatives, then interview candidates to find out what services they offer. Have a walk through of your house to see how he or she would price it and how the two of you get along.

Make small fixes.
A Real Estate professional can help you assess your home through the Buyers eyes and give you tips on what needs to be done to your home. Inspect your home with your Real Estate professional to correct the flaws that can be relatively easily fixed—from repairing cracks, repainting walls and oiling creaky hinges Etc.

Set a price.
Your Real Estate professional will give you a market analysis to help assess the market value of your home. Ask to see listings for properties similar to yours that have sold in the past six months. Then decide whether you want a quick, easy sale or the highest possible price.

Clean and declutter.
To make the home seem more spacious and to help buyers imagine themselves living in the home, take out excess furniture, knicknacks, and personal “stuff”. It's a good way to declutter and start packing for your new home. This is a good time to make the home clean and fresh.

Consider a pre-listing inspection.
Having a pre-listing inspection may save you time, especially with older homes. A pre-listing can help to identify potential problems your buyer’s inspection will discover later.

Keep your home maintained
From the moment you put the house on the market, keep the lawn mowed, shrubs trimmed, gardens weeded, rooms spotless and clutter-free.

Ready your home for showings.
Always hide pocketable valuables, display fresh flowers or bowls of fruit, make sure the house smells fresh, open the drapes, keep pets out of sight, and keep lights on.

Consult a lawyer.
Now is a good time to interview Lawyers, make sure he or she has real estate experience.

Start organizing for your move.
Once the sale is final, you can hire movers, order supplies, and pack up your belongings.