Energy Saving Tips

The more energy people save, the longer reserves will last. Saving energy can also result in lower utility bills. Some things that everyone can do to save energy in the winter months include:

  • Changing furnace filters in hot air systems once a month or more often as needed.
  • Making sure supply and return vents, radiators and baseboard heating units remain clear of obstructions and are located to allow for air to flow freely in and out.
  • During cooler months, keep windows on the south side of the house open to the sunlight. Lifting shades and drapes on these windows will keep the house warmer.
  • Closing drapes and shades at night.

 In the winter, it is possible to use the ceiling fans to heat a room more efficiently. By reversing the motor on the ceiling fan and operating it in a clockwise direction, you create a gentle updraft forcing the warm air that has risen close to the ceiling back down closer to the ground. This step may even allow you to turn down the thermostat because rooms will stay warmer.

Some ceiling fans have a remote control option for reversing the direction of the blades. In other cases, it is possible to switch the direction using a switch on the base of the fan, or by using the cords. To prevent a wind-chill effect on the skin, keep the fans on low when warming a room. 

Did You Know?

Exhaust fans located in the kitchen and bath can pull out a houseful of heated air in just one hour. To avoid making your heater work overtime, turn off fans as soon as they have done their job. Consider installing a timer if necessary.

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