"How do you eat an elephant"

I have used this line for many years, and only today did I discover the best example of how important it truly is.

I made a decision to do the "Camino" or officially known as the "El Camino de Santiago de Compostela", in English "The Way of Saint James" it is a pilgrimage in northern Spain that has been going on for over 1,000 years!  It is a hike of 800 kilometers, through the Pyrenees mountains, dramatized in the film "The Way" starring Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez.

As part of this goal, I began training in September 2013, and discovered a few things about "the elephant" I was going to have to eat.  

I stopped taking the elevator, and when I take into account the condo building that I live in, and my office building

On a daily average it looked something like this...

Condo- a minimum of 2 trips per day up and down or 16 flights of stairs, sometimes more but seldom less.

Office-a minimum of 2 trips per day (I am on the 3rd floor but 1 flight is double because of ceiling height) so let’s 

say 4 flights x up and down x 2 = 16 flights of stairs

For a daily total of 32 flights of stairs. (minimum)

Now let's talk about the iPhone 5s with the motion sensor chip, that measures your daily steps taken.  

On the pedometer program on my phone since the 22nd of December 2013 when the app was installed, 

I have taken 429,520 steps, burned a total of 21,263.5 calories, and walked a total of 307.9 km

(Full disclosure, I am in the gym every morning for my workout, and the phone does measure the bike and treadmill)

Now, back to the stairs

32 flights of stairs a day (remember, that is a minimum) times 365 days that means that in the course of a year, I would have walked up 11,680 flights of stairs!

if you Google "Empire State Building" you will discover that it has 103 floors...which means that, it is the equivalent of

1-Climbing it 113.4 times (one way up) or climbing up and down 56.70 times

So the answer to the question "how do you eat an elephant"  is very simple, "one bite at a time"

If there are any elephants, challenges, or goals that you are facing today...

I suggest that you face them "one bite at a time"

David Yetman


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