Spring Truly is Here!

The beginning of May and I can’t help but wonder “where have the past 4 months gone”? I look out the window and realize that not only has time seemed to slip by but somehow this year Mother Nature has snuck up on us early – the grass is green, the trees are ready to burst, patios are once again popping up on Halifax sidewalks and best of all, the pool and hot tub in our condo are being worked on hopefully to open soon.

The “Spring” market this year seemed to start early with a busy February and all indications are that it will continue to be busy. There’s lots of real estate in the news, lots of buzz online and lots of signs popping up on lawns all over the Halifax-Dartmouth area. It’s a good sign for Halifax and for Buyers and Sellers alike.

So if you are thinking of Buying or Selling real estate, what is the one thing that you should be aware of as you try and navigate the sometimes uncertain real estate waters?

Buyer (or Seller) Beware!

Know what you are getting yourself into – know who you are dealing with, know what you are buying or selling and be sure that you cover all angles to ensure a smooth transaction. The best way to do all of this is to use a professional REALTOR® to handle things for you.

There are reasons why you use a Professional, regardless of the industry - lawyer, doctor, dentist, insurance broker, etc. A professional is trained to know and understand all aspects, good, bad and ugly, of their respective fields. They know how to protect their client and themselves.

A REALTOR® knows and understands how the buying and selling process works; we know how to put more money in your pocket with the least amount of stress and we know how to ensure that the job is done right.

If you are looking for the right REALTOR® in Halifax and surrounding areas, call me and let me show you how I can help you get the job of buying a house or selling your property done. I will help you navigate the often uncertain and unsettled real estate waters. 


David Yetman

David Yetman

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