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Lawrencetown is located on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia and is part of the Halifax Regional Municipality.The area has spectacular beaches and farm lands and unobstructed views of the ocean. Lawrencetown

The community was originally home to the Mi’Kmaq people who lived there long before the first English settlers arrived in the mid-1700’s. Lawrencetown’s early settlers were involved in lumber, farming, milling of grains and gold mining; rum running was also popular in this area.



Over the years, dykes were built in the Lawrencetown salt marshes to reclaim land for farming.Today, there is a hiking trail that goes along the old railway tracks that were part of the dyke system. The rough waters around Lawrencetown have seen many ships wrecked and sunk in the area; divers today still dive on the remains of some of these ships.


Lawrencetown Beach is a 1.5 km, south-facing beach that is renowned for its high tides and cold temperatures. Surfers from all over the world flock to Lawrencetown beach particularly when high surf conditions occur due to tropical storms and hurricanes. It canLawrencetown Beach also be a dangerous beach due to the surf and rip tides. The beach is supervised by Lifeguards during the Summer months. In 1976, the Beach Protection Act was created to protect the beach and the wetlands and thus the Provincial Park of Lawrencetown Beach was established. The NS Government built the beach house and the boardwalk to protect the dunes and provide accessibility to the beach. Today the park has a long boardwalk, canteen, showers and washroom facilities and much more to offer.

MacDonald House MacDonald House is a popular tea room located on the hill overlooking Lawrencetown Beach.

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