Fall Roof Maintenance



   ·       Clean debris from the surface of the roof.  Debris has a tendency to hold water, and water will expedite roof deterioration.

·       Keep all gutters free of debris.  Make sure that the downspouts are draining properly by testing them with a garden hose.

·       If your roof is starting to collect moss or algae, install some zinc or lead control strips.

·       Check all caulking and sealants.  Scrape and remove any caulking that is weather cracked and damaged and reapply.

·       Check all flashings and make sure they are not deteriorated. Check for holes.  Secure it to siding or other surface and reapply roofing cement.

·       Check the open valley metal for rust.  Wire brush the rust then prime and paint the metal.

·       Trim back any overhanging tree branches or any overgrown vegetation.

·       Dab some roof cement under any loose shingle tabs and replace damaged shingles.

·       Check the mortar on chimneys and parapet walls, both in between the brick and on top.  If it is damaged or deteriorated, have it re-pointed.


Russell Cook, RHI Inspector

Canadian Residential Inspection Services




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