Dunroamin Stray and Rescue

We all have our passions in life, some of us in collections, some of us is skiing, four wheeling, reading or travelling. I chose to help shelters in our area. Let’s start at the beginning. I met a wonderful woman , Dr. Mildred Drost, a vet who was just starting the Dun Roamin Stray and Rescue. I adopted a wonderful dog, Harley whose first few years had been hard but have over the years spoiled him rotten, along the way I adopted another dog, Cleo so that Harley had a buddy to keep him company. Over the years I watched the Dun Roamin Stray and Rescue grow and thought that I would help out in some way so sat down and thought “What could make a difference to help out” so came up with the idea that I would collect food, cleaning supplies, toys, etc, so I thought that if I could collect enough food that the rescue wouldn’t have to buy than the money that they raised could go to the medical needs of the dogs and cats.

I have set aside the full month of November every year. We have now included another shelter that needs our help. I have just completed the 6th year of the “Fill A Pantry For A Pet” and the food collected should get the rescue and the shelter through at least 6 months without having to buy food or cleaning supplies. My goal is to collect enough food and cleaning supplies to last for a full year. One day I would like to expand and have other shelters doing the same thing so all neglected, abused and abandoned dogs and cats are looked after. Check out the website. www.dunroaminstrayandrescue.com Maybe you would like to help out a shelter in your area or adopt these wonderful animals.


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