Funny how we all attach ourselves to our beloved pets. My 14 year old rescue passed away and I am totally lost without him, as is his buddy who is left behind. I miss his greeting at the door that I have taken for granted, miss him sitting at my feet at meal time staring at the floor for any morsels that might fall and our evening walks, with one dog lease in each hand, heading down the road. I should say that the walks that the dogs take me on. Every thought I have of him brings a smile to my face as well as a tear to my eye. I am thinking of getting another rescue dog who really needs a good home where they will be spoiled rotten for which they deserve and they most likely will never replace the one who has left but will bring many more memories. Don't forget to give these rescued dogs a good home, you'll be surprised at the love and affection that they will give you.


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