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Happy Summer Equinox - what a wonderful time of year - the time of growth and new beginnings. 

As I am out and about within the area, I hear from a lot of people "you live in Penhold" and my response is why "yes & we love it there" and I list off all of the reasons why we choose to make it our home town.  This item was delivered to every home in Penhold this week and I wanted to share it with the world.  Read thru as it is near and dear to my heart and I am proud to be associated with a community that holds the same values as I do personally.  It is the hope of the Town to get all businesses, schools, programs, events etc doing their planning on the same value system. 

This lil piece of meaning will bring a lot of caring to all of the residents that live within Penhold by simply letting them know they are an important part of the community and their contribution means something to those around them.  I think that will go far in todays society with the ever changing occurances surrounding all of us on a daily basis.

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