Care and Maintenance of a Septic System

Care and Maintenance of a Sewage Disposal System

With proper care and maintenance, a septic tank and tile bed should provide many years of trouble-free service. There are, however, some important steps to follow to help you maintain the proper operations of your sewage disposal system.

The purpose of a septic system (subsurface sewage disposal system) is to dispose of the water generated by the occupants of a home. Soils on the property can then disperse without causing an adverse effect on the ground water, the environment and public health.

The septic tank in a residential sewage disposal system should be inspected at least once in each two (2) year period for sludge buildup. The tank should be pumped by a licensed septic tank pumping contractor when necessary. Under normal use a septic tank should have its contents removed every two (2) or three (3) years. Failure to pump out a septic tank may result in premature malfunction of the leaching bed. Soils will become clogged by sludge or scum, which will result in breakout of sewage to the ground surface, or sewage backup into the plumbing fixtures of the dwelling.


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