2019 BC Coastal Properties Backyard Adventures

2019,  BC Coastal Properties Backyard Adventures on Vancouver Island with Dean & Rita Casorzo.

January has arrived and the New Year is on a roll, one way or the other.  We started the New Year with our “walk & talk” session...  a walk down on the sea walk, combined with a good talk! 

Good intentions have been written on a list, and hopefully not on an “ice-cube list” that melts and soon is forgotten... not that anyone does a thing like that!

Do I dare say that most people have made some sort of goal, for the New Year?   Whether, it is a personal goal, or a goal set out for work, and sometimes they are hard to separate!

Anyhow, let’s begin with our work, which is Real Estate on Vancouver Island, as you know, or we hope you know that Real Estate is our “lifestyle, our way to make a living, our passion.  In the last few blogs, we have taken you on little excursions with our own backyard adventures, in our work, and some personal time out.

Our beautiful Vancouver Island is truly an adventure for all who live here or who come for visit.  Our excursions are like good food,  tasty little morsels to whet your appetite for the main course if you please. 

 The Island or surrounding Islands have so many wonderful towns, rivers, lakes, and of course the ocean to explore and to enjoy!  Last year, heading south of Campbell River,
 via car can always be an adventure, especially if you can take a so-called “back road” and go at a slower pace. Life at times can be full speed ahead and with no brakes!

This blog has a bit of twist, hope you enjoy a new " adventure with us".

 In August of 2018, after the spring and most of the summer we were in that full speed ahead mode.  We looked at each other and knew it was time for a lifestyle change. Our lifestyle needed a tune-up! 

We were finally going to do the “D” word.  Yikes... No not a Divorce,  the other “D” word “DIET”.  Yes, it was time to get real!

Did you know, “diet” and “real estate” have similar attributes?  For example, the all-time high;  housing market busting at the seams...so are your pants.

No control in the housing market...or in your eating habits.  Next, you have the plateaus: No listings, ... weight not dropping, no matter in what you do. 

You ask yourself, what's my problem, what must I change?  I had a boss once tell me, " if it is not working or it's too hard, you are probably doing something WRONG. Yikes!  

Its nothing we haven't heard before, .. With the “diet” world you have to do what works for you.   With the “real estate” world you have to do the same.  

I would believe that there are some of you that are reading this blog have the answer, and because you do these things, you are successful in both worlds!  ( for the most part, if you know what I mean, nothing is perfect)

There are many words that come to my mind, this particular one, can be a tongue twister and the meaning or the use of it can be challenging. 

Remember we are looking for a word that works in the “Diet World” and “Real Estate World”.  For starters, there are 2 words, that come to mind, that most of us can probably relate with, CRAZY –what do you mean you need to eat clean and exercise, that’s crazy.   They say, that using a “system” improves your business, now that Crazy!  The word is, CONTROL- only you have the control “in what you eat”,  Only you have the control in “how you run your business”.  Now the word that continually comes to my mind is this wonderful, powerful action word:  CONSISTENCY- DOES NOT THIS WORD, SAY IT ALL, FOR THE “DIET AND REAL ESTATE WORLD” OR LIFE IN GENERAL! CONSISTENCY!!

On that note, the word consistency is the one word we are planning to use in our new lifestyle. changes. "Diet", has been implemented in our lifestyle!  In our "Real Estate" world,  we have more consistency in implementing "systems" and embracing the technical systems that are here to stay!  Really, what we are trying to say, the Vancouver Island Lifestyle is a healthy one!

BC Coastal Properties from C21 Arbutus Realty is excited for new backyard adventures in the very near future!

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