Painting Your Cupboards for a Fresh, New Look!


Hello friends.   The summer has been very busy with showing houses and condos nearly every day.  Yes the market has changed and there is a lot of inventory out there.   If you would like to talk about that, please contact me directly, but today, I wanted to talk about something that I have seen a lot of over the past couple months.  A DIY project... painting your cupboards.

I have been in and out of a lot of homes recently and have seen the ever popular painted kitchen cupboards.  It is true that SOMETIMES, to freshen up the look of your kitchen all you need is a paint brush and a can of paint.  However, I have mixed reviews on some of the DIY projects I have seen in homes listed for sale.   There are some really wonderful paint jobs with fabulous complimentary colours.  And yet, in other homes, some really... well... to put it mildly, cupboards that look like lipstick on a pig.  Literally.   I can appreciate that you may want to brighten up your kitchen.  But folks, please try to understand that pink lower cabinets and bright red upper cabinets may not appeal to all those potential buyers looking at your home. (Yes I have really seen that!)  You must understand that you are trying to improve your kitchen cupboards to appeal to as MANY potential buyers as possible.  A combo of pink and red that look like lipstick should probably not be considered.  

Having said that, I am a professional in the field of Real Estate, but in the design world, I can only comment based on my opinion, and share comments I have received when showing my clients various homes. After a little research, I found this wonderful video that will help you choose paint colours to make an older run down kitchen look new again!   Enjoy.

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