Pricing Your House Right IS Important!

The importance of pricing your home right is substantial, no matter what market you are located in!  However, it has been noted that the Winnipeg market has slowed since 2014.  As the housing market continues to sway in favour of the buyer, it is even more critical to price your home for sale correctly.

It is no secret that the majority (probably close to 90%) of potential buyers who are even slightly interested in purchasing your house will be through it within the first 10 days of it being listed.  If a home is overpriced, that traffic will be significantly reduced for a couple of reasons.   1 - your inflated price is over potential buyers pre-qualified range.    2- they are able to see other comparable homes in the area being marketed for much less.  

Let's face it, the longer a home sits on the market it becomes, what we call, "stale".   Many times throughout the years when  showing clients homes (that have been on the market for longer than average amount of time)  I have been asked "what do you think is wrong with the house?  Why hasn't it sold?".  And the answer many times over has been... (drum roll please)...price.

Trust me, from every indication I have seen.  If your home is priced right, it WILL sell.  So why not do yourself a huge favour, save yourself A LOT of stress, and ensure that the hard work you put into preparing your house for the big sale, won't be all for nothing!

Dean Fletcher

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