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Real Estate in and around Princeton is still on a big high with properties selling every day.Our inventory is very low but we are constantly getting new listings.The interesting thing about whats been happening is that I can have a property on the market for a year or six months with no action and then all of a sudden we have five or six interested parties trying to buy it. I find that in this market you should not do all of your homework before you offer but put in a good offer and then do your homework. that way you can lock it down for a time while you do your research. Too many times I see people not do that and they end up losing out on their dream because they were over cautious and or someone else put in an offer and they end up in back-up position.Its only an offer and if your subjects do not prove out then you do not remove them, the offer dies and you move on. At least you have it locked up for a period to see if its as good a deal as you first thought. Also your Realtor and you would have greater access to clarify any questions you might have about the property. So don't sweat the offer, just make sure that you have a good Realtor who can negotiate on your behalf, write a decent offer and get the job done. If you come across any thing that would suggest that you have offered too much then before you remove your subjects, renegotiate.

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