Preparation tips for your selling your home

We are and have been in a "Buyers market" in recent years and considering that here are some tips for preparing your home for sale.


When it comes time to sell your home the goal is to make a Buyer feel like they can live in your home.. You want it to smell nice, look clean and uncluttered and have little work to make complete.

1) Clean thoroughly, (floors, windows, all rooms, drawers, cabinets etc..)

2) Remove any un necessary items such as nick knacks, or anything that distracts or clutters. (pack everything you don't need immediately as you will be moving anyway. Stack boxes neatly out of the way) You want the Buyer to feel like your home is spacious and has enough storage.

3) Freshly paint everything in a modern but neutral colour.  Paint always pays for it's self.

4) Make sure everything is in good working condition. Replace leaking faucets, grease squeaky doors, etc.

5) Have your Realtor come by to make suggestions. They work with Buyers every day and see what they are looking for. By keeping on top of maintenance, you will find that it will help you receive a good value for your home even if it's a little dated.

6) Price your home for the market. The comparables your Realtor shows you are reality and indicate what Buyers are willing to pay for a home in today's market. Do not price it high and hope a Buyer will make an offer because it is very rare as they will shop around and try to find a "good buy".

7) Turn on lights, open draperies and window coverings, for the showings and make sure it is warm and inviting.

8) Pets are out of the way. There are many people that are allergic to or don't like pets.

9) Make sure yard is tidy and nicely landscaped.

10) Provide hydro and gas costs.

11) If  you have a well, and/or septic system,  and/or wood heating provide a maintenance record and any certification.

12) If you have altered your property or recently built , provide any information as to contractors and/or permits.

13) if you have access to a map of your lot please provide that as well.

In our economy there is much expected of the Buyer by way of the lender, and insurance provider, so the more information we can provide the smoother and quicker the transaction will go.

Deanne Slessor

Deanne Slessor

Sales Representative
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