When is a good time to buy Real Estate?

Now is a great time to buy whether it is your first home, upgrading, downsizing, new location, or investment.


1) Excellent interest rates!- such as TD Canada Trust 5 year fixed (as advertiezed online today) of 3.1% 5 yr fixed, over 30 years monthly payment. Eg. $200,000.00 at above terms would be approx $852.00/mo.

2) A good selection of properties to choose from.

3) Motivated Sellers.

4) Good investment opportunity due to a strong rental market in conjunction with low prices.

Don't wait until spring as there are many others doing the same and you may be in competition with other buyers! As in the stock market there is no warning as to when the market will change from a "Buyers market" to a "Sellers market".  

All indications are that this spring will pick up in this area. "Teck" and "Amec" the local and other local businesses are hiring and our local economy is considered one of the strongest in BC.

If you or anyone you know are looking to Buy or Sell I would be pleased to assist in meeting that wish.

Call me! I have the KEY!!

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  1. David 07/15/2012 at 12:17 PM

    Good points!

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