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There are pros and cons to both small town living and city life.  I guess it depends on who you talk to.  For example, I grew up in Calgary, where a one+ hour commute was common.  Just heading to the mall to pick up new socks could take a few hours out of your day.  And, that one+ hour drive was not a relaxing drive!  It was a bumper to bumper, horns honking, cars merging, fists flying kind of drive.  Today I live in a small commuter town 15 minutes outside of the city and I look forward to my highway drive to work each morning.  It's a nice, quiet drive in which I can breathe deeply, enjoy the scenery and arrive home from work de-stressed.  Once home, I can enjoy the peace and quiet of my beautiful small town.  No sirens blaring, no horns honking.  I can walk down the street to the local hotel for wings and walk home in the dark without ever considering myself in danger.  Those are simple things that I am thankful for.

I have also lived on the farm and had the freedom of leaving my doors unlocked (shhhh, don't tell) and not having blinds on windows because there were no neighbours to look in.  For me, small town living is that great happy medium between the conveniences of the city and the quiet solitude of country living.

I think small town life is often overlooked as an option simply because it hasn't crossed people's minds as an alternative choice.  I aim to bring awareness of hte benefits of small town living to those who perhaps haven't considered living outside of the city limits.  It's not for everyone...but it might be for is for me...

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