Back To School Success: Home Organization

It's that time of year again - as the hilarious Staples commercial sings, "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"  
I've included a link to the commercial below if you haven't seen it or need a good laugh ~

As we draw a near-end to the summer months and start gearing up for back-to-school we start to think of the list of things to do before Labour Day Weekend.  You know that list, the one we made at the start of the summer we swore up and down we would diligently work on.  Things like paint the window trim, fix that wobbly front step, clean out the eves, organize the garage, purge clothes, get organized for back-to-school,  etc etc etc.  THAT list.  So here we are in August and That List is still there.  Well, let's aim to remove one item from the list, getting organized for back-to-school.  Here are some helpful hints to help your kids be successful this school year, and for you to maintain you utmost sanity.

1.   Kitchen: The Heart of The Home 
      Kids and adults enter in and out of the kitchen several times a day, hence, the heart of the home.  Aim to organize  
      your kitchen based on your family's lifestyle needs;  age of children, before and after school activities, and food    
      preparation.  Have food in the fridge and pantry accessible for kids to make lunches and snacks themselves.

2.   Family Rom:  Switzerland

      This is a room that should be kept as neutral territory.  Toys, books, games, and video games should all have a
      home to return to.  If the room is kept in chaos it will certainly evoke more chaos.  This is a room for the entire family
      to enjoy and should be kept in a way for all to enjoy.

3.   Every Room: An Organized System

      Each and every room in the house has its own relevance in the day-to-day life of a family.  Maintaining
      organization in each room will help make day-to-day life run smoother.  Laundry rooms, mud rooms, entry ways  
      along with all the other rooms should offer a place for things to be tucked away or retrieved quickly.  If there is one
      area you and/or your kids regularly waste time trying to find something, tackle that room first.

4.   Entries:  Key to Timely Departures

      Having an orderly front entrance or mud room (the entry your family uses most) will directly affect your family's
      ability to leave in a timely fashion.  It is hard and sometimes down-right exhausting to get out the door in the
      morning. Dedicate sections of the closet or install cubbies or hooks that the kids can access themselves.  This way
      they can easily grab their coats, shoes and backpacks and head out the door in a more timely fashion.

5.  Start Small:  It's the Little Things That Count

      If the entire house being organized feels like climbing Mount Everest, start with small areas.  Maybe there is a desk
      that needs to be organized.  Maybe there is that one drawer in the kitchen that keeps calling your name.  Whatever
      it is, start there.  Even the small areas being organized will help and make you feel one step closer to blissful order.

6.  The Dirt on Dirty:  The Laundry Room
      Many would argue the dirtiest room in the house is the bathroom.  While not entirely untrue, the laundry room
      holds it share of filth and dirt, especially with school aged kids after food, activities and science projects.  Having
      hampers for each family member will help keep track of that soccer uniform and also help kids lend a hand.
      Consider having a laundry room schedule to help eliminate excess traffic that may add to chaos and

7.   Kids' Closets:  The Untrodden Path

      Let's face it, when it comes to getting out of the house, getting them out of their rooms is key, right?  Start by
      purging clothes that no longer fit or are out of season.  Those vacuum air tight bags are great for stowing away
      clothes for next summer season or for a younger sibling when the time is right.  Having clothes and accessories
      visible and grab-able will help everyone function better.

8.   Study Areas:  Clean Means Smart!

      Having a study area that is disorderly and chaotic will be distracting and create a more stressful environment for
      learning.  Creating a clean and organized study/homework area will enable kids to focus and avoid the temptation
      to do something else that is distracting them.  Encouraging clean-up after homework and studies are complete will
      help them get started on the right foot for the next day's homework.  

9.  Bathroom:  Designated Personal Spaces
      Both adults and kids spend a lot of time in the bathroom.  Sometimes more than other rooms in the house.  Having
      toiletries in a specific place, then each person's personal items in their own homes will make bathroom time more
      efficient and save time.  Oh, and, save on knocking on doors asking "are you done in there yet???"

10. Enjoyment:  Organized Elation
      Kids will either be excited or dread going back to school.  As parents, we can help make the transition run
      smoothly by helping create a more organized, higher functioning home.  Once you have tackled areas to
      organize and have family systems in place aiming to maintain the organization, you will have more time to enjoy
      life.  As things run smoothly, you and your family will discover time before dinner to toss the football or create a
      piece of art together.

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