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I feel that lately I have been making lists and top tens, so I've decided to omit a list and get straight to writing an opinion/experience piece instead.  Since I am traveling for work related reasons this week, I thought sharing some advice and experience on business travel was fitting.  Business travel can be both a fantastic and miserable experience.  

Check-in early if your airline provides the option.  I was able to check-in and choose my seats the day before which cut down on time at the airport.  All I needed to do was print my boarding passes (for the connecting flight as well) and check my luggage.  It was really quick and probably cut out a good 15 minutes or more simply due to the fact I didn't need to stand in the line to check-in.  

Taking an airport limo (and booking one a day or so in advance) rather than a taxi is something to seriously consider.  For an additional $5-10 you get quality service, comfort, cleanliness, complimentary water and newspapers to read.  It was glorious!

If you are traveling for a very short period, lots of people recommend just taking your small luggage for a carry-on.  I have to say I disagree.  Lately, waiting for your luggage is not entirely a long wait.  I would rather check my luggage and not worry about it rather than deal with the congestion of people and chaos of finding space for your luggage.  At the end of the flight it seems to be more hectic and entirely chaotic finding your luggage that has now shifted in the overhead compartment.  Never mind attempting to bring it down without hitting yourself or another passenger right in the head.  I'd rather take the extra 5-10 minutes (time you saved from the early check-in) and grab my luggage off the conveyor at the destination airport.  It was quite glorious!

Instead of heading straight to the appropriate gate, I went to a gate that was pretty well vacant.  This allowed for me to sit and relax for a good hour or more without needing to sit near everyone that I will soon be sitting with in the plane for numerous hours.  I was able to spread out a little, open my lap top and catch up on some work.  Accomplishing some work related tasks allowed me to relax with a book on the plane rather than have the to-do list running wild in my head for 4+ hours.  Again, the feeling was glorious!

Bringing, or purchasing noise canceling headphones is a definite must.  Headphones are obviously handy for the movie watching and music listening, however, noise canceling headphones are well worth the investment.  This way you can easily block out the background noises you would otherwise hear with normal headphones.  The sound is much more clear and I personally find it more relaxing when I'm not distracted.  Glorious!

Business cards are a must!  I find I meet interesting and fascinating people on the plane and in the airport.  It never hurts to keep connected with people especially when you've met in a casual, no pressure situation.  And I just had a glorious conversation with a woman making the flight "fly" by!

Entertainment for the plane is also essential, be-it the latest book you are reading, iPod, laptop, you name it, bring entertainment.  Even if you end up sleeping the entire time, if you didn't have it, you'd wish you had brought it.  Remember, sleep is precious and also glorious.

Comfort items are also something to think about.  I always bring a sweater or something to cover myself with and dress in layers.  I find airplanes can either be really cold or really stuffy.  Having layers to put on or take off makes for a happier experience on the plane.  Other comfort items could be gum, snacks, pain killers, and water.  

In the end, plan ahead!  A trip will go smoothly (and feel glorious) if you are prepared and keep your business hat on at all times (you never know who you might meet).  This trip to Kelowna has been really easy, really efficient, and makes me really want to do it again...soon! 

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