Moving Tips

There are many things to consider when moving.  Here are some quick notes and helpful tips to consider when moving.

  • Research moving companies
  • Read reviews on movers
  • Select 3 companies to ask for estimates, services provided
  • Ask for any hidden costs (fuel, overtime estimate, kilometers, weight, etc).
  • Cheapest movers are not always the best
  • Plan ahead
  • Pay it forward; being kind to movers usually means they will be kind to your furniture and belongings

There are a few warning signs that are typical of the unreliable movers to watch out for.

  • Requiring a large deposit or payment up front
  • Not providing (or including on their website) specific information about their address, license, or insurance
  • They might answer the phone, “Movers,” rather than using a company name
  • Their truck is a clearly marked rental or doesn’t have the company name and logo on it
  • Claiming their low price covers everything and that their insurance protects everything without detailing specifics


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