Love it or List it


Is you family size growing or shrinking?  Are you thinking you need to perhaps add an addition and stay in your present home or perhaps sell and find something bigger?  This is a big decision to make but, if you consider all of the factors involved in each of these possible decisions you will pick the right one.

Here are a few things to consider if you are planning on staying and perhaps renovating or adding an addition. 

1.  Are you both energetic and motivated to complete a task?  This is a big project and will not be completed      quickly,  especially if you plan on doing the work yourselves.

2. Do you handle stress well?  especially when you come up against something you just were not counting on,

3. Do you have an EXCELLANT relationship with your spouse/partner? It is a shame to go to all this work and then not have someone to share it with or worse, you have to sell it.

4.  Are you both very organized?  This is especially needed when you have construction all around you.

5.  Have you counted the finished cost?   Sometime, when it is all said and done it would of been cheaper to just move and buy something bigger. However if you absolutely love your location and feel you could never replace it, then you are making the right decision to renovate.  We all know that it is all about location, location, location.

6. You will avoid all those showings while your home is listed to sell.  This can be a challenge for many to keep there homes spotless for a last minute showing.


Factors for just moving to a different home.

1.  Definitely easier on everyone to just relocate.

2.   Usually very exciting to be moving into a new home.  If you are buying again because you need more space, you will make this next purchaseof a larger home with a view to not having to perhaps move again anytime soon.  Or if you are down sizing, you will be buying perhaps closer to town, for convenience sake.

3.  You will have a handle on all of the costs from day one.  This is especially benificial for those on a fixed income.

4. You  no doubt will be buying a larger more perhaps more luxurious  than what you have.

5.  If you are down sizing you will no doubt have some extra cash in your pocket or you will have spent the same amount as the sale of your present home and perhaps ended up on the lake or golf course.

Whatever  decision you make, whether to love it or list it,  do not wait any longer  to be preparing for that day.  If you are planning on moving, now is the time to start planning for that by getting your home ready to sell.  When the absolute  perfect home comes along and your Realtor calls you to say  "you have to come and see this perfect house", you want to be ready to make the purchase.

If you are planning on renovating, this next suggestion will also work for you.  The end result will be less confusion and make the reno mess more bearable.

My suggestion to you is start NOWat cleaning out the attic, the garage, the basement, whatever needs tackling.I would suggest that you do something everyday from now until spring. Start by making a list of everything you need to do.   Do one small job everyday.  Start de-cluttering, pack up extra clothes to give away, start a garage sale pile, get some  clear totes for your garage.  Remember, if you havn't used it in a year, you most likely will not use it this year.  Get rid of it. Start with those small repairs that have been nagging you.  Turn off the Television and accomplish a small task.  As you start  checking off your list, you will get truly into it and have such a sense of accomplishment, you will want to celebrate.  You will by either have an amazingly organized home to sell or you will want to have all your friends in for a barbecue to celebrate your ground breaking for the addition. 





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