Debbie Howell

Sales Representative
10-350 Rutherford Rd South
Brampton, ONL6W 3M2
Office: 905-450-8300
Office Fax: 905-450-6736
Cell: 416-219-6531
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Debbie Howell

Debbie Howell Sales Representative

CENTURY 21 Millennium Inc., Brokerage*
10-350 Rutherford Rd South
Brampton, ONL6W 3M2
Office: 905-450-8300
Cell: 416-219-6531
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62 Norbert Rd
Brampton, ON L6Y 2K1
MLS® ID: W3274425
Beds: 4
Baths: 2
Living Area: -
Year Built:
62 Tessler Cres
Brampton, ON L6X 4P7
MLS® ID: W3272481
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Baths: 3
Living Area: -
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Baths: 1
Living Area: -
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103 Lord Simcoe Dr
Brampton, ON L6S 5H4
MLS® ID: W3260280
Beds: 4
Baths: 5
Living Area: -
Year Built:
527 Conservation Dr
Brampton, ON L6Z 0C1
MLS® ID: W3247569
Beds: 3
Baths: 4
Living Area: -
Year Built:
14584 Bramalea Rd
Caledon, ON L7C 2P7
MLS® ID: W3207190
Beds: 3
Baths: 4
Living Area: -
Year Built:

Welcome to my Website

#1 Sales Representative for Century 21 Millennium, Brampton Office, 13 out of 15 years 

Double Centurion Award Winner since 1997

26 years Experience, Professional Service with a Personal Touch!

As your CENTURY 21 Millennium Inc. Sales and Marketing Professional, I will provide outstanding personal service, guiding you through the maze of infinite details surrounding the purchase or sale of your home.

I can answer your questions, provide professional advice, and handle all the details for a pleasant real estate experience.

I can help you become familiar with the Greater Brampton area, find the right home for you and your family, arrange financing, get the lowest mortgage rate and even help you settle in, in a timely fashion.

Ensuring that your real estate purchase or sale is a hassle-free experience is my ultimate goal.

Take advantage of CENTURY 21 Millennium Inc.'s exclusive one-stop real estate services.

CENTURY 21 Millennium GUARANTEES to find the home you want.

You can earn up to 1500 Air Miles with the CENTURY 21's Exclusive Air Miles Program.

Save time and money with CENTURY 21 Millennium Inc.'s in-house mortgage broker. We can assure you the lowest interest rate available and a "hassle-free" real estate experience.

Let me be your full-service real estate provider. Email me, and I'll get started right away!

Ask me how to earn AIR MILES® reward miles when you buy or sell a home through me.

CENTURY 21® Awards

  • 2014 - #35 Individual by Production in Canada
  • 2014 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2013 - #44 Individual by Production in Canada
  • 2013 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2012 - #28 Individual by Production in Canada
  • 2012 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2011 - #39 Individual by Production in Canada
  • 2011 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2010 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2009 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2008 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2007 - 10 - Year CENTURION® Producer
  • 2007 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2006 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2005 - #18 Individual by Production in Canada
  • 2005 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2004 - #15 Individual by Production in Canada
  • 2004 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2003 - #10 Individual by Production in Canada
  • 2003 - CENTURION® Honor Society
  • 2003 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2002 - #19 Individual by Production in Canada
  • 2002 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2002 - Masters Hall of Fame
  • 2001 - #7 Individual by Production in Canada
  • 2001 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2000 - #13 Individual by Production in Canada
  • 2000 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2000 - Masters Diamond
  • 1999 - #6 Individual by Production in Canada
  • 1999 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 1999 - Masters Ruby
  • 1998 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 1998 - Masters Club


Tips To Sell Your Home

Home Ownership Incentive

Arranging Your Mortgage


Want More Information?

Contact me for more information.



Community Involvement

As a member of the Brampton community for many years I am proud to be involved in the ‘Caring for The Kids' program. Every year we liaison with 5 local schools to provide a magical Christmas for needy children and their families. In 2008 we were able to help 15 families and 48 children.

Is Now A Good Time To Sell Your House?

Thinking of selling your home but not sure if now is the "right time?" Call me for sound advice on when to sell your home in the least amount of time for the best possible price.

First I will help you examine your reasons for wanting to sell. The most common reasons why people decide to sell their homes include changes to their financial status, an employment transfer, a growing family or retirement. Today's low interest rates have also made it attractive for many homeowners to "move up" to a larger home.

Whatever your reason, selling a house is a complicated procedure so it's imperative to have a qualified real estate professional on your side.  Because selling a home involves large sums of money and complicated legal documents, my expertise can help a homeowner avoid costly mistakes.

Real estate cycles
Buying your home was probably the best investment you ever made. That's because over the long term, real estate has proven to be a sound investment while at the same time offering you and your family shelter and a feeling of pride of ownership. 

However, real estate is subject to the law of supply and demand which creates cycles in the market. A shortage of homes generally means prices rise. This cycle is commonly known as a "seller's market." Alternately, a surplus of homes can result in a slow down in home sales or even a reduction in prices and is often referred to as a "buyers market."

One of the most important services I provides is market analysis. Most people don't have the time it takes to conduct the comprehensive market research required to accurately price a home. I can give you up-to-date information on what economic and other factors are impacting current market conditions.

Which market is best?
Obviously, you will want to sell your home quickly and for the highest possible price. In a "seller's market," you often see many buyers competing for the same house resulting in top prices -- sometimes even over the original list price. However, if you are planning to purchase another home after the sale, chances are you will be competing in the same seller's market faced with higher prices.

In a buyer's market you may find you have to wait longer to sell your home for a fair price. The upside to selling your home in a buyer's market is you'll have more selection and pricing options when you go looking for your new property.

Although the current market cycle should influence your decision to sell, remember there are trade-offs to selling in either a buyer's or seller's market. Some people are concerned that if they trade up to a larger home in a buyer's market they will lose some of their home's equity in the sale. But, while you may sell your home at a "discount," it's likely you will purchase your larger home at an even greater discount. The advantage is you then own a larger asset with even greater potential for appreciation.

In Ontario, changing seasons and the weather can affect buyer demand. For example, fewer buyers may be out looking at homes during the cold and snowy winter months, but as a seller you will be competing with fewer homes on the market. Spring tends to be an attractive time for real estate sales as gardens start to look nice again and people come out of hibernation. Buyers with school-aged children like to purchase in the spring so they can move in over the summer. However, homes sell throughout the year so think of the season as only one factor in deciding when to sell your home.

Professional Background


   Sales and Award Winning Service for 26 Years

   Mortgage Finance Background

   Staging Professional



Maintenance Recommendation


Shut down and clean furnace humidifier, and close the furnace humidifier damper on units with central air conditioning.

Check air conditioning system and have serviced every two or three years.

Clean or replace air conditioning filter (if applicable).

Check dehumidifier and clean if necessary.

Turn OFF gas furnace and fireplace pilot lights where possible.

Have well water tested for quality. It is recommended that you test for bacteria every six months.

Check smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms and replace batteries.

Clean windows, screens and hardware, and replace storm windows with screens. Check screens first and repair or replace if needed.

Open valve to outside hose connection after all danger of frost has passed.

Examine the foundation walls for cracks, leaks or signs of moisture, and repair as required. Repair and paint fences as necessary.

Ensure sump pump is operating properly before the spring thaw sets in. Ensure discharge pipe is connected and allows water to drain away from the foundation.

Re-level any exterior steps or decks which moved due to frost or settling.

Check eavestroughs and downspouts for loose joints and secure attachment to your home, clear any obstructions, and ensure water flows away from your foundation.

Clear all drainage ditches and culverts of debris.

Undertake spring landscape maintenance and, if necessary, fertilize young trees.

Education - What It Takes To Be A Realtor

Strong negotiation skills -- I am able to negotiate well and in a manner that is mutually acceptable to all parties involved. In order to be a good negotiator, you must possess strong "people skills" and genuinely enjoy working and dealing with various types of people.

Self-motivation -- Listings don't just appear. I am prepared to work hard on obtaining lots of referrals in order to build a strong client base.

Patience -- Selling a house can be an emotional experience and buying can be very stressful. One of the attributes highly prized in me is my thoroughness and attention to detail.

Knowledge -- A basic grounding in the fundamentals of math is necessary for measuring and appraising property and arranging mortgage financing. Basic computer skills and research skills are also required for access to the Multiple Listing Service and searching for legal documents.

Trustworthiness, diligence and helpfulness -- Buyers and sellers can trust me as their REALTOR®, I have the passion for the business.

Buying or selling a house is a complicated transaction requiring a great deal of knowledge and skill. You can feel confident when you deal with me, who is well-educated, skilled and professional and I can ensure you that you will receive the best possible service and advice.