Doors open on flipped house

Talk about flipping a house...

In your face, gravity. The Upside Down House is now open.

It defies logic and might turn some stomachs, but the 1,200-square-foot house sitting on its roof near Clifton Hill has opened its doors.

Business partners Marek Cyran and Adam Nielbvowicz came up with the concept after seeing a similar tourist attraction in their native Poland.

Construction started in the winter and it took about six months to build the house, which is located on Oneida Lane just off of Clifton Hill.

It opened July 1 and Nielbvowicz said business has been steady.

“We’re very happy. We haven’t done any advertising yet because we were just focusing on finishing the construction and opening it. So without any advertising I think it’s really good,” he said.

While everything from the bathtub to the beds to the kitchen cabinets in the two-bedroom house are mounted on the ceiling, the most disorienting part of the attraction is the floor, which is significantly angled.

“We wanted the elevation to slope both ways — 6% up and 6% to the side,” Nielbvowicz said. “I wasn’t quite aware of what people’s reaction (would be). But it’s what you want — it’s good for business.”

Joyce Shewcuk, of Manitoba, toured the house Tuesday with her daughter Taylor Bilenduke and the two said it was one of their favourite attractions.

“It feels like it’s moving,” Shewchuk said. “I think it’s incredible. I had no idea it would be on such a slant. It’s very bizarre.”

Like most people, Shewchuk took plenty of pictures inside and outside the house, which is exactly what the developers were hoping for.

“A lot of people take pictures and it’s free advertising for us because it’s probably all over the internet,” Nielbvowicz said. “Everyone who walks by at least takes a picture.”

The Upside Down House is open every day from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. and costs $7.99 for adults and $6.99 for kids. Children under four are free.

Check out Video of the house here:


What: Upside Down House

Where: Oneida Lane, Niagara Falls

When: Open 7 days a week, 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.

How much: $7.99 (adults), $6.99 (kids)

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