Humidy, Home Health and Comfort

Homeowners concerned about the quality of the air they’re breathing, as well as the cost of heating, would do

well to have a close look at their home’s humidity levels. In the winter, in addition to causing dry conditions and breathing discomforts, lower humidity levels can increase the need for additional heating to make us feel warm. We feel colder when artificially heated air is too dry and removes moisture from our bodies, just as in the summer we feel warmer when there is too much humidity in the air. So watch your humidity this winter: low levels can cause itchy, flaky skin, dry sinuses, cracked wood furniture, static electricity and a higher heating bill. To make your home more comfortable and less costly to heat, consider installing a humidifier, set at approximately 50%, and adjust it as required throughout the cold season.

Deborah Scruggs

Deborah Scruggs

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