Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... and Shop... and Keep The Canadian Economy Strong!

 Women do the shopping, right???

It's not just a stereotype, but a well supported fact which I, as a proud member of the fairer sex, am not afraid to embrace. We buy or influence the purchases of products or services of everything from these adorable pair of Miz Mooz boots...

that I found at Bigley's in Bobcaygeon (and I am quite certain that I will faint if I don't have them soon),

to the perfect kennel, Benville Pet Resort, just west of Peterborough.

who tenderly loves and cares for our dogs when we're away, right back to the Escape I bought from Moyne's Ford which I simply couldn't go another winter without.

Notwithstanding and purchase-wise, we gals are the driving force in the ultimate purchase and most important material investment we make, the home. You've got it, sisters and brothers, it's us... the tender, the gentler sex, the meek and mild woman... whoa, back it up... nope, not any more! We've got the power! We smell good, cook like Hell's Kitchen, raise our kids, and manage the books but we are the relentless gender when it comes to purchasing power, finding the best deals, negotiating, and hammering out a deal. You want us in your corner when making or deciding on your purchases. Happy wife, happy life sounds old-fashioned and sexist but guess what? Fellas now happily share the reigns of purchasing power and we ladies are taking that horse to the bank!|

Did you know that, according to studies by She-conomy website and Forbes online magazine, we ladies account for a whopping 85% of all consumer purchases? These numbers are from south of the border but it would appear that we Canuck gals are pretty quick to whip out our chequebooks when we spot a deal. As much as we all hate stereotypes, the numbers here speak for themselves and women not only enjoy shopping but we're good at it! We research, and make sure that we are getting the maximum bang for our buck and ladies and gentlemen, the Canadian economy is doing just fine!
So, when we gals talk about requiring a little 'retail therapy' we're not kidding and we all need to listen to the ladies as we are not only the trendsetters but it would appear that we also set the trend in the markets. It's helping everyone from the kids, to hubby, to local retailers, to charitable organizations right up to making the The Bank of Canada one of the most respected financial organizations in the world.

My gorgeous scarf from Sweet Annie's in Lindsay.

So, the next time you poke fun at the gals for all their shopping, remember that we ladies have our finger on the pulse of the Canadian economy and we are helping to keep it alive and kicking and a point of pride on the world's economic stage. Or... better yet... come shopping with us gentlemen, and trust our instincts. We've come a long way baby. I promise we won't leave you holding our bags!

If you're thinking of buying or selling your first, next or retirement home contact John and I. We'll bring both perspectives to helping you make the right decision when it comes to exercising YOUR purchasing power... regardless of your gender.


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