Keeping your home listed over the holidays? Are you:

Crazy? But wait a minute... maybe it's not such a far-out idea! Your friends might have said that, and sometimes there are some in our industry who might support re-listing your home in January but let's think about this a little differently for a few minutes...

When is your home looking absolutely it's best? Depending on the holiday you celebrate, it's this time of year. Most front yards on any street are equally dusted, if not buried, in clean, fresh December snow and there's nothing more charming than the warm glow of lights from inside a house on a crisp, early winter's eve. On December 1st, I get all the decorations out to start decorating and not a day before! I love decorating for Christmas and never get tired of looking at all my treasures not to mention the precious memories each little snowman or snowflake made by my sons evokes. John and I love having company, and if you're like us, you're on top of your hospitality game at this time of year.

So... let's consider a few positive factors which might make the notion of listing or keeping your house for sale during the holidays a really good idea!

  • When does your home look as good as it does at this time of year? Well, maybe during the summer months, but if you need to sell now or soon, don't miss the unique timing of the possibility of a holiday offer on your home! Merry Christmas to all! We all tend to keep our homes spick and span and I know that I am bursting with pride in my home as guests drop over and gush about how lovely the house looks. Let's face it, we're already in full show-off mode during the holidays, why not take advantage of our decor and order and make it a home-selling plus! Potential buyers just might be able to visualize their own decorations around the living room, over the mantle or hung on the front door. We don't tend to picture houses during the holidays when selling in May, do we? What a timely and fun seasonal advantage!
  • How does your home smell at this time of year? AWESOME! What can invoke positive memories more than any other sense? The sense of smell. Our home smells like the most wonderful pot-pourri of pine, cedar, gingerbread and chocolate simply because I do so much baking and decorating. I don't think I'm that different from anyone else at this time of year. My favourite items for decorating are tree boughs cut directly from our yard simply because of the intoxicating scents they bring into the home.

  • How long does the average first showing of a house take? Approximately 15 minutes. Possibly 15 minutes that could bring that potential buyer into your home. 15 minutes for an incredibly positive impression left on potential buyers simply for the fact that you have made them welcome and kindly left a plate of your homemade gingerbread and fresh coffee for your hungry visitor. Let's face it, your family and friends are going to enjoying your wonderful gingerbread in less than two weeks time and they probably aren't prepared to spend over $400,000 for that cookie, now are they?

  • A willing buyer might! 15 minutes at a time of year when most people are feeling a bit more hospitable, and 15 minutes that you could nip out to the post office or sit peacefully over a cup of cider with your neighbour while I quite possibly could be selling your home. 15 minutes. I find it quite ironic that often the first reaction to having your house for sale over the holidays is negative when the chance that it will inconvience you at all is highly unlikely. Quite honestly, as human beings in general, (take home seller out of the equation) we are more welcoming and accomodating to friends and strangers alike at this festive time of year. Why not capitalize on this sense of good cheer?

And finally, and perhaps most importantly...

  • Who is going to take time out of their busy schedule to look at a house over the holidays? Real buyers. Only serious buyers actually take time out of their own holiday preparations and busy schedules to view houses. Rarely will you find 'tire kickers' during the holiday season. More often than not, these are serious buyers. Buyers who may be quite motivated to get a jump on buying a home for the new year. Perhaps their home has already sold. Buyers from out of town may want to move closer to mom and dad, or their children and perhaps are only in town for the holidays but are seriously willing to make an offer. This is a wonderful and sentimental time of year, and you might as well take advantage of the spirit of hospitality and another opportunity to sell.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in buying or listing a home during the holidays or anytime at all. Feel free to contact me.
or at Century 21 Pinnacle 705-324-2552 

Besides, I promise to have homemade fudge, almond bark and the best gingerbread in Canada for you to enjoy while we discuss your next move.

Season's Greetings, Everyone! 


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