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I'm an active kind of gal, so one of the first things I did when I moved to Lindsay was to search out and find the best fitness facilities. The first place I joined was Spectrum Fitness which is found at the corner of Cambridge and Wellington Streets. I am still a member there, visiting 5 times a week for the gruelling torture I put myself through whilst I chase myself back into my youthful shape. 

However, today's blog is about Yoga...

I needed more than just a workout... the zen side of me needed to reconnect and lets face it, if I'm trying to chase myself back into my youthful shape, this 50 year old is going to need more flexibility and focus. I had done Yoga previously and intermittently in my life but never as a daily practice. I had always been rather 'bendy' and when I practiced Yoga prior to coming to Lindsay, it was always something I did because I could. I went to Yoga, going through the physical motions but not embracing the wonderfully clarifying mental and emotional benefits. My yogic cup was 2/3's empty! I had been to a Hot Yoga class my neice, a yoga instructor, taught a few years ago in Ottawa. When I saw that Hot Yoga was offered at The Yoga Loft smack dab at the end of Kent Street in Lindsay, right here in the Heart of the Kawartha Lakes, I was delighted. 

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I spoke to Joey Henderson, the wonderful owner/director of The Yoga Loft, over email and over the phone a few times and she was so wonderfully relaxed, NOT intimidating and welcoming that I decided to try out a class. That was the beginning of what I hope will be a lifetime of my dedicated Yoga practice. 

The long, narrow stairs up to the loft are a welcoming path to the loft, and nearing the top you are greeted with a wonderful feeling, as you follow the scent of gentle incense. Gently and very welcoming staff are there to answer any questions and put you at ease. Then... my favourite moment when I go to Yoga, walking into the studio. It is gorgeous, and warm, and peaceful. 12 foot ceilings detailed with decorative tin, warm floors, high windows, fireplace, candles and plants, and everyone gently stretching or laying in Savasana for a moment of reflection before the instructor enters the room. It is a happy place indeed... 

 The Yoga Loft telephone: 705 320 8913 Email The Yoga Loft Here
Welcome.  Glad.  Peace.  Joy.  Proud.  These are five feelings that I have every day since the very first time I entered The Yoga Loft.  Welcome with open arms and open hearts by each instructor no matter what class I came to and what level.  Glad that I had made such a mindful and positive choice for my physical and emotional well being and that I had found such kind friends within its walls.  Peace in every moment I spend there, no matter how hectic a day I may have, no matter how harried I feel entering, I always leave with a lovely sense of peace.  Joy in my body’s ability to achieve things I didn't think I’d be able to do again, not to mention the joy in finding friendship in unexpected places.   Proud of what my body can do. 

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I am proud to know Joey and the wonderfully wise Yogis in her studio.   I am also very proud of myself for not being intimidated by yoga, for there is nothing intimidating about yoga at all.   That is the irony about yoga, isn’t it?  People talk themselves out of yoga beginning with negative thoughts such as “I’m not flexible.”  Or “I’m too old.”   Or “Yoga is for women.”  All of which are untrue.   From hockey players to artists, 8 year olds to 80, there is a place for yoga in all our lives.  The Yoga Loft ‘gets it’.  They do it right and their Yogis are remarkable at scanning a class, knowing almost psychically which poses may be too challenging for some in the class or perhaps that a more challenging pose can be introduced that day.  I have never felt centered out, but always welcome to request help, or welcome to rest through a pose that is not calling to me on that day.  All are welcome.  All moves are adaptable to your level.  All will, provided you take those initial steps through The Yoga Loft’s very welcoming doors, find the inner yogi within.

So... Don't wait until you think you're ready, YOU ARE READY. Call or walk through the doors of The Yoga Loft for a class today! You're going to love it. Besides, Beuk has been twice and he loved it! He is far more bendy than you would think an ex-pro hockey player would be! If John can do it, you can!

The Yoga Loft's telephone number is: 705 320 8913

Tell Joey that Dee sent you to Get Bent! :-) ... and, until next time..



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