The Heart of The Home

If you're like me, the kitchen is the strong beating heart of your home. It's warmth, the wonderful aromas and the sound of a kettle whistling, plates and cutlery pulled from the cupboard draws us to it like Pavlov's dog to the bell. The world can be falling in around us but within the walls of a kitchen is where we draw our strength not only from nourishment but from connecting with our loved ones.  

The kitchen has always been a priority for buyers. There are now ever-changing demands for increasingly functional layouts and high end appliances that do almost everything but stuff a turkey... and that's a feature that is probably not far off considering the fact that human demands and needs are almost completely aligned with technology's ability to satisfy that need. Although kitchens are becoming more advanced, now more than ever it is integrated as a part of the living area in the home.

In my own life, the kitchen provided a backdrop for great celebrations, tragic news, intense curfew negotiations, report card reviews, long distance phone calls, Cribbage and Crazy 8 card marathons during which whomever happened to be on Kitchen Duty was included in or privy to. I cannot think of any of my family kitchens without a rush of joyful, hilarious or tearful memories washing over me. Overflowing popcorn, scalded hot chocolate, homemade gingersnaps and my Dad stealing my Mom away from the Christmas turkey for a romantic dance as White Christmas played from the tiny radio in our busy kitchen in Richmond Hill. 

We did not have a dishwasher. Or rather, we had 7, but only about 4 of the dishwashers were operating. My mom, myself, and my dad and sister... occasionally. We had a stove, a sink, a radio, a kitchen table and a swinging door between the kitchen and the large dining room. Our refrigerator was in a small addition at the back of the kitchen which also housed the telephone, and a desk. Some families had dishwashers, and ranges, and in the 70s some families added microwaves to their kitchen but for the most part, what I have described here is what was the norm from the 1930s. We had a lovely 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath 2 storey brick home, and we were all happy and comfortable. 

In my own homes, I have never found the absence of a dishwasher to be a deal breaker. I have no problem hand washing dishes at all. HOWEVER, I have a dishwasher now and although I am occasionally frustrated by the fact that dishes need to be run through a second time, I do love having one for those crazy family get-togethers when one cannot bear to look at another dirty plate. 

I now have a sound system and a television in my kitchen-living-dining area which have taken the place the little solid state AM radio which sat beside the window on the kitchen counter in the home of my youth. As a matter of fact, just this morning, John and I took a little cheek to cheek dance in the kitchen which brought to mind that happy memory of my parents.The narrow white enamel stove on which my mother managed to prepare miraculously enormous meals is so very different to my burgundy porcelain 5 burner gas range, a stainless steel built-in oven and warming oven. Above that is a built-in microwave. Instead of a 100 year old kitchen table, I now have a huge island with granite counter top, a stainless-steel built in dishwasher, loads of storage, a garburator and dining space. We have loads of solid maple cupboards, wonderful no-slam pot and cutlery drawers, and a built-in stainless steel fridge that knows more than I do about the weather inside and outside of the fridge. It also provides me with clean, filtered water. Would I trade the kitchen of my childhood for the one I have now? If it meant I could bring all my current memories with me and keep all the memories of my youth, you bet. Since that is not a possibility, I'll settle for making memories, and creating the same strong pulse in our home, gathered round the island over a plate of cookies, a glass of wine, or a cup of tea.  

 Our lovely new kitchen. Perfect for our needs and our large and boisterous family!

The kitchen in our home is wonderful, in fact, it's my dream kitchen. I have seen many that are much fancier with top of the line everything in it but have no heart, no soul. I have also spent many happy hours in very basic kitchens with 50 year old appliances, linoleum floors which possess an intangible heart and warmth that cannot be replicated.

What is that intangible that makes the kitchen the single most important room in the house? For me, it begins with making memories. From the moment we start unpacking our dishes and figuring out what shelf to put them on, to pulling all the pots and pans out of the drawers for the baby to play with, to the spontaneous kitchen party that broke out after the Leafs made it to the playoffs, we are building the warmth that will feed the heart. It is in our nature as Canadians to gravitate towards nourishment, warmth and comfort and that can be found in the Heart of the Home. Your Kitchen.

Whether looking for the house with the perfect kitchen to make memories in or if you're ready to sell a home that you've made memories in, I'm a sentimental gal, and I understand what it means to you, and the importance of making the right decision for you and your family. I would be honoured to be a part of that process. I understand your need to make memories and as we have established today, that all starts in the kitchen. I understand that a granite counter top may be on your wish list, but if there is no window to cast your gaze and daydream through, or splash sunlight through on lazy Sundays, then it's a deal breaker.

  My mom and I, circa 1965.

As your Realtor, I understand that very often, sentimentality can rule over trendiness or modern convenience. I listen to your needs and we look until we find the perfect home that is right for you...

... and if that happens to be the house with the small galley kitchen, 1950s counter tops and appliances, but a HUGE window overlooking the backyard and a tiny radio perched on the windowsill, I completely get it... Sometimes we just have to listen to what's in our hearts and memories to find the perfect home. 

As always, you can reach me at 705-324-2552 or or visit my website and text me there

I wish you a day warm with memories.


Me, jumping for joy that I finished my Christmas baking... I used to love this old kitchen, if only because of that window that looked out over the beautiful backyard I had in this home.

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