Time to start Working Out again and find a Gym in Your New Neighbourhood

John and I are fortunate enough to live within walking distance of just about everything here in Lindsay. And we do. Or rather we had been, but the last month of non-stop holidays, our time (probably much like yours) has been divided between family, work, walking the dogs, shopping, and entertaining... and not always conveniently in that order... Of course, we all need sleep but it's often a very neglected aspect of life especially during busy times.

 (Baby, it's cold outside!)

According to a poll conducted for CBC News conducted by Leger Marketing results revealed that six out of ten Canadians get at least an hour less sleep than the required amount and 58% of us are often tired. As we have all heard, it takes only three weeks to establish a habit, so if you have established bad sleeping or exercising habits over the holidays, now is the time to push through the next three weeks and establish an exercise routine which in turn will help you with your sleep habits.

I am pretty certain that we have finally caught up our missing sleep, and yesterday we strolled through Ken Reid Park on Sturgeon Lake to give the dogs a good run.

It felt fabulous and the dogs were very grateful to have our undivided attention. I returned to the gym last week after an embarrasing 4 week absence but the gang at Spectrum Gym are genuinely happy to see me back and sweaty! I live four blocks from the gym but this morning it was -15 celcius and I had to justify driving my car rather than walking to the the gym. However, I made it there, I worked out, and I intend to get up early tomorrow morning and walk there. We'll see how that goes. Odds are more likely that I will walk if a) I haul my backside out of bed before 6:30 and b) the outdoor temperature is something less that arctic so that my backside doesn't fall right off during the walk to the gym.


When I moved to Lindsay, one of the best things I did to make new friends in Lindsay was to walk through the doors of my local gym. I have made some really great friends with those steps. In York Region, I had found a great gym (the closest of which was NOT in walking distance) and a sweet, albeit sadistic personal trainer. What I found here in Lindsay were friends, and people who genuinely cared about not only my health but making me feel a part of the community. Just that little bit of bravery it took to find a gym and to chat with people there has given me a great return for the investment by way of not only my health but my circle of friends.  http://www.spectrumcentre.ca/  is where I workout here in Lindsay and I met my good friend and trainer, Karen Gray, there!

I think the best thing we can do when moving to a new neighbourhood is to join. Join something. Join a gym, a club, or even a library. Ask at the grocery or hardware store and soon enough you'll have a contact number and you're on your way to fitness and friendship. Do a Google search of what you're looking for "Yoga, Mytown, Myregion"... The community TV channel in most communities usually offer community events and activities as do the community pages of your local newspaper. Become active in the local chapter of your favourite charity, and you'll soon find out who has the best mixed volleyball club in town. When one of my very best friends, Lorraine, moved from Halifax to Ontario, she started a volleyball team, posted a sign at the local Rec Centre and that is how she and I and about 5 more dear friends met about 20 years ago. All because of an ad on a bulletin board at the local gym!

So... If you've moved recently, just get out and ask around. You'll feel all the better for it, you'll sleep better and very likely, you'll be part adding some new friends to your life in the process!

If you're new to the area, or are thinking of moving soon and want help finding a club, team or group to join where you would like to move, give me a call or email me and I would be delighted to help you find a gym, club or group in your area.

Above: My good friend Allie Thompson, who is the Fitness Manager at GoodLife Fitness, Peterborough, Chemong Road location will be happy to get you started. 705-743-9439

If you're looking to find a realtor to help you sell or find a home in a new neighbourhood, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Have a great time exercising, feel the burn, enjoy your sleep and your new network of friends!

Until next time...



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