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As promised in my last post, I have complied here a list of all of the websites I use to find coupons and weekly deals.  I'll start with websites that allow you to order coupons by mail.  These are very easy to use, and you can get many valuable coupons on these four sites.  Once you've signed up, you just click on the coupons you'd like, and voila!  Free coupons in your mailbox! 


Free Coupons By Mail  Once you have completed the registration on the first page, log in.  Then click on "View Coupons" on the right of the page.  Now just click on the coupons you want, and click "Get my Coupons".   I check this website about once a week or so.  This website is very similar to  After registering, just click on the coupons you want, and they are delivered in 1-2 weeks.  This is Proctor & Gamble's coupon site.  They have some wonderful products, and ofter offer many high value coupons.  As on the other sites, just register, click on your coupons, and complete your order!  P&G also distributes coupons in newspaper inserts (see more below), so you can get multiples of some of these coupons!  **I also recommend checking often, as they provide sample packs of fabulous P&G Products for free!  There are limited quantites of these, and they do it about every 3-4 months, but it's unpredictable.**  Like the other sites, just register, click your coupons and complete the order.  One difference I have noticed with this site is that you can come back over and over again ordering the same coupons and they will keep coming.  On the other sites above, you can usually just get one of each coupon.


NewsPaper Inserts

There are three newspaper inserts that have fantastic coupons in them, and if you're not looking for them, they're easily missed!!   They are thin, magazine sized inserts, and can be found in many, but not all newspapers.  I recommend calling your local paper to see which ones they carry. 

BrandSaver Insert - In newspapers once every 3-4 months.                                                                                                                                        Red Plum Insert - In newspapers once a month.                                                                                                                                                Smart Source Insert - In newspapers once a month - sometimes more frequently!

The free weekly Oxford Review always carries the Smart Source Insert, but I have yet to see the RedPlum or a BrandSaver Insert in there.  The London Free Press usually has those two though. 


Printable Coupons

Many manufacturers and stores have printable coupons on their websites, or made available to you upon signing up for their newsletters or "liking" them on facebook.  There is a thread on the Smart Canucks Forum (see more on this website below) that provides the links to most of the printable coupons currently online, and is updated often.  You can view this thread by clicking HERE. is a website that lists printable coupons, and provides the links to print them.


Blogs & Other Helpful Websites

There are a lot of helpful blogs and websites on the topic of couponing in Canada, but if you ask me, these ones are the best: - A great blog updated several times daily with new deals, coupons and savings.  Mrs January also shares weekly deals and match-ups to sales in flyers and coupons you may have, which I find very helpful. - Another great blog!  Very similar to Mrs January, and also updated several times daily. - The main page of this site is a blog, similar to those I just listed, but if you click on the "FORUM" links in the upper left of the page, you will find tons more information!  There are way too many helpful threads here for me to mention, and at first, it can be a little overwhelming to look at.  Start in the "Deals & Flyers", and "Coupons" sections (those are the ones I use most frequently).  Browse around a bit, and once you get the hang of it you'll find a lot of helpful information in these threads.

Happy Saving!!!

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