Household Tips for the Last Weeks of Winter

It's now February and light is beginning to shine on those winter blues.  However, February weather can still pack a punch. Here are some tips for protecting yourself from ballooning heating bills, freezing pipes and other household emergencies in these last weeks of winter.


  • Keep doors and heating vents closed to rooms that are not in use
  • Close the flue in your wood fireplace when not using it
  • Don't leave kitchen and bathroom fans running longer than needed - they draw heat from your home
  • To prevent pipes from freezing in extreme temperatures, open hot and cold faucets just enough so that water can drip through
  • NEVER bring a barbecue or external gas-powered heating source indoors to heat your home


  • Remove branches from locations where heavy snow and ice might accumulate and risk breakage
  • Disconnect garden hoses from their water sources
  • Keep a bag of salt or sand handy to prevent falls on walkways and driveways
  • Invest in a small canister of lock de-icer for your home and car
  • If you are not a normally active person, take it very easy when shoveling your driveway and other physical tasks that put stress on your muscles and heart


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