Happy New Year 2013!!!

I send wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year 2013 out to all who read this!

The season has been peaceful and the weather polite ~ with a just a nice touch of snow to add to the magic of the season. I hope everyone held each other a little tighter this year, with thanks for all that we have...as we are all so very lucky to be living where we are and with all the luxuries and privileges of the life that we can enjoy in Canada...with life so fleeting for some and with so many at odds with each other or with life, I truly like this season for reminding us to take a pause and appreciate and be grateful. So THANK YOU to all who worked with me this year or shared with me in their hopes and goals. It is a reward to be able to have shared so many experiences through my real estate services and to have achieved so many successes for others as well as myself.  I look forward to continued growth and to build on the success of last year. 
At this time of year we tend to take a look back and to take "inventory" of goals and plans. This year I find I have pretty much the same goals as I did last year, but the good thing is that I do reflect back to last years goals and find I have achieved progress in some of the areas I intended to. This is a good thing, and the process of writing goals down specifically, as advised by my Broker to do so many years ago, has helped me to focus and even more importantly to be able to measure, and to feel the reward of success or refine actions towards better success. So stop and consider what you want to achieve, and make a plan of action on how to get there. I am in the process of mine as we speak...even though the year has flipped. It is not too late to get started on a path to success.
As for my website blogging, I know I planned on sharing more...and hope to again this go around the sun :)  This year we have enhanced features on the Century 21 website which allow me to add a little more "colour" to my online office presence with more options for photos and video feeds and the ability to share more easily with my other online sites and contacts. I am excited for that as it does get busy juggling all the places where you want to reach out to people.  I will be able to take more shots of the area to help showcase our lovely sites and sounds which may help you to consider the market here if you have never been, or to explore the areas more if you are already lucky to live in Northumberland County : ) I hope for a wonderful year of more sharing towards our mutual success. I welcome any ideas that anyone has to share with me and hope that some of what I share on here may be beneficial in some small way or willl peak your interest. Looking forward to saying hello in person as well, so please do not hesitate to contact me ~ either virtually, by phone or face-to-face.  

Some highlights of the recent months: Here I am putting the finishing touches on our Decorating of the Century 21 All-Pro Realty (1993) Ltd. Christmas Tree for our annual donation at The Capitol Festival of Trees ~ a yearly fun event that raises money for a lovely theatre that we are so lucky to have in a town of our size. Desgin lead by Kathran Helps one of my colleagues who has such a way with ribbons and bows and feathers and all things festive!





The next is a quick snap of The annual Salvation Army donations for the families we adopt through our office...here are a couple of elves (who happen to be my neices and colleagues at C21) and our Broker of Record (who happens to be my brother) getting the packages ready for delivery after we wrapped the presents. Our Office Manager Tanya did lots of discerning shopping to get the best she could buy for the soon-to-be happy Families who would otherwise go without at this time of year...Setting a good mood for the season of giving...

Below is a lovely display even without the snow yet...Christmas Magic in Victoria Park in Cobourg ~ This was snapped after my Mother and I enjoyed attending the Inner Wheel Rotary dinner in downtown Cobourg at The Buttermilk Cafe. My sister 'n law and colleague Liz Liboiron is a member and invited us to attend the fun and yummy dinner.

This a snap of the lovely main street of downtown Port Hope with the pretty Chinese Lanterns in front of one of the designer shoppes just before the holidays.

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