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I am very excited to have received the link to set up my new C21 website in my email tonight. I will be uploading my listings and all information that is relevant over the next few weeks, so please check back often to see the progress as it evolves. I am hoping to have some fun with this Blog option on this new website.  Century 21 plans to have the most comprehensive and state-of-the art site in the business once it is all fully loaded.<br> 
Welcome.  I look forward to hosting this informal blog (web diary) on various topics to do with my experiences in the realm of Canadian Real Estate and life in the Cobourg, Port Hope and Northumberland County environs. I am not promising to write daily or even weekly, but as the mood and work schedule permits. I hope you enjoy reading about the lifestyle and amenities of this beautiful area, at least from my perspective, and hope to encourage you to find out a little more about real estate and the market here. <br>
Today has been a long day which included two new listing appointments, some research and ad proofing, a home inspection with an inspector who should moonlight as a comedian, and an interesting couple of buyers who take their feng shui seriously...even using a brand new compass to determine if the house faced west...not just west but in fact within 25 degrees of "due west". 
The home not only passed the home inspection with flying colours, but the energy flow was correct (Phew). It is all in a day's work. I also learned that in India there is another form of achitectural and design philosophy that is similar to the idea of Feng Shui. It is called "Vaastu" and translates generally to mean "house rules". These are very interesting ideas, which I want to understand more about. For instance, apparantly, you should sleep with your head at the south, and an east-facing Kitchen is a good thing too. So now you have even more that you could consider when you are weighing the advantages of location, square footage, exterior finish, heating and electrical, roof and windows condition, and lot size. How the house "feels" to you is an even simpler way to determine if it is the right one, if you are not familiar with these eastern design and architecture idealogies. In my sales experiences, I find most people just know when it is home.

Bye for now. 

A little more information on the two ideas from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® website...

Feng Shui
(meaning Wind and Water in Chinese) is the ancient art of placement to promote harmony, wealth, success and health. Feng Shui deals with the location and architecture of buildings, along with interior design and exterior landscaping. A working knowledge of Feng Shui may even help in home selling and home buying in today's multicultural world.

Vaastu, is the ancient Indian system of harnessing the positive energy of the environment to benefit those living there. Vaastu uses a complex, 3-layer grid system to provide the best layout for your home, office or commercial site. An ideal house, according to Vaastu, is a perfectly square house, with a central courtyard. Get more information on these ancient subjects from the books, articles and websites gathered here.

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