CONGRATULATIONS to the Dam City Roller's on 1st place!!

The summer heat has nothin’ on the redhot
Dam City Rollers!!! The 2014 WKRD
season wrapped up all the heart-stopping
action on Saturday, June 28th with
Mountain Mayhem 5 at the Nelson &
District Community Complex. The final
bout of the year would determine who
would be laying claim to the coveted
Golden Boot, and who would go home
empty handed. It was Castlegar’s Dams
going up against the Nelson Killjoys – the
Killjoys couldn’t lose in the 2013 season,
but that all ended when the Dams swept the
WKRD in 2014, winning every bout they
played. And for the first time in the team’s
history, the Dams would be playing for first
place rather than third.
The bout started off fast and furious, with
both teams pushing to gain a score lead and
keep it. Dam jammers Lady MacDeath
and Sweet Vengeance both brought their Agames,
keeping the Killjoy blockers on
their toes. Not to be outdone, Missy
Helliott and Peacemaker also swept up a
number of green points, using their speed
and strength to break through the Nelson
team’s defences.
In the pack, it was calm, cool and collected
as the Dams built the walls they have
become famous for – tight partner blocking
by Pantsoff and Kitty Karnage kept the
green Killjoy jammers at bay, while Pro-
Pain Paula and Darth Danger doled out
some heavy hits, making life difficult for
the Killjoys offense. The Dams took the
lead early in the first half, and kept it –final
score at the half time being 88 for the
Killjoys, 144 for the Dams.
As the teams both took to the track for the
second half, it was very clear that the
Killjoys meant business and were not going
down without a hell of a fight. The pack
became a battlefield, with both teams
giving and taking ground in the battle for
the boot. Irish Whipskey and
shyRAMASAURUS Wrex helped to break
holes for their jammers in Nelson’s
defenses, while Brutise Roll worked to sit
on opposing players, taking them out of
play and the Dam jammers way and
Demanda Smash used her wicked cuts to
steer opponents to the outside of the track.
The assault was swift and furious, but
Coach Sauce and The Meat kept their
purple warriors on target, never losing sight
of the end goal. And what an end it turned

out to be! As the final seconds of the game
counted down, it became apparent that the
Killjoys just weren’t going to be able to
overcome the power of the purple, and the
Dam City Rollers won the game by just 37
points! Final score – Nelson Killjoys 262,
Castlegar’s Dam City Rollers 299.
For the first time in Dam City Rollers
history, the team not only beat their
previous standing of third place (three
years in a row), but also managed to take
first place and bring the Golden Boot home
to Castlegar!

But the Dams weren’t done yet –
as if that wasn’t enough
excitement, the Dam City Rollers
took to the road and travelled west
to Chilliwack, where they faced
off against NWO’s travel team,
the Wolf Pack. The Wolf Pack
was a strong team, made up of
athletic skaters and strong
women, but once again, the Dams
just couldn’t be shaken. The
purple Rollers played the game
their way, forcing the Chilliwack
girls to try and keep up. The
Castlegar team gave a good
Kootenay showing, taking the
lead from the start of the game,
and never surrendering it, much to
NWO’s dismay. Final score
against Chilliwack – NWO Wolf
Pack 223, Dam City Rollers 322.
Being undefeated in the 2014
season was thanks to a
combination of hard work and
dedication by the skaters and their
coaches, plus the support of their
families, fans, and community
sponsors. Without our
community behind us, and the
generous support of the sponsors,
we couldn’t do what we do nearly
as successfully. This winning
season really belongs to the 2014
Dam City Rollers and their
sponsors, fans and families. We
did this together and can all be
very proud. Thanks for your
support of the team – it means the
world to us – and we look forward
to bringing everything we’ve
learned this season forward into
the next season, and hopefully we
can keep that Golden Boot where
it belongs… in Castlegar!!!

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