Don't get scammed!!!!

I just want to warn everyone of a scam in the Vernon area (possibly other areas as well).

Three weeks ago a nice looking lady came to my door.  She was wearing a Staples shirt and was very polite and personable.  She was looking for donations for the Staples Back pack program.  Money would go to help needy kids with school supplies and with each donation you would receive a gift coupon to spend in Staples.  Looked like a win/win to me so I donated, especially since she had a mobile Interac machine. 

10 days later I went into Staples with my coupon but was told it was an invalid coupon and Staples did not have a Back pack charity program.  This was not good!!

I went to my bank and explained the situation.  They pulled up my account and everything looked fine although the donation I had made had not been withdrawn.  My bank account had very little money in it until the day before when I tranferred money to cover my first of the month bills.  Nervous, I changed my debit card just to be safe.

When I came home and checked my account on line, $1100 had been withdrawn in 4 ATM withdrawls.  I immediately contacted the bank again and they guessed that the withdrawls happened shortly before I changed my card but the postings had not come through when I was at the bank.  Hopefully the bank will cover the lost money!!!   Their fraud department is investigating.  I filed a police report as well.  Apparently the "interac" machine the lady had was actually a cloning device that reads the card number and pin number.  The crooks then fabricate a card and use it.  Why the "chip" on my card did not prevent a clone card from working I don't know and the bank does not either. 

I am very sad to think that I need to question every person that comes to my door looking for donations to very worthwhile causes like cancer, heart and stroke etc. 

Tell your friends and neighbours and report any similar incident to the local police immediately.

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