Experience- the greatest teacher of all!!!

I have always had a belief that every realtor should sell their own house every two or three years.  When one takes off the realtor hat and puts on the seller hat, the whole process changes.  Suddenly it's me cleaning up my house for a showing,  it is me vacating and wondering what the buyers thought, it is me dealing with a very low offer and trying not to get emotionally involved!!!   Everything changes when you are the seller!!

I now believe the same thing about renovating!  I am developing two bedrooms and a bathroom in my partially finished basement.  What a mess!!  There is stuff everywhere, dust and dirt everywhere.  I have pretty much moved into Home Depot (awesome people to deal with), I have met many tradespeople and have enough quotes for 4 renovations!!  (BTW what's up with tradespeople coming out to look at the job and then never calling you back with a quote???  Is there that much work out there, they don't have to???)

I will certainly look at renovated houses through different eyes from now on.  I will know the blood, sweat and lots of tears that have gone into that finished product and I will be far more appreciative of all their work.  I will keep you posted with my progress and post some pictures when it is all done.

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