New year, so where are we going?

I hope everyone had a joyous and peaceful holiday season with lots of family or friend time!  My focus this year was to do LESS!!  Christmas had become one giant "To Do" list for me and I was left exhausted and unappreciated.  So this year I made some conscious changes:  I only put up about 1/3 of my decorations, I declined a number of parties that I never really enjoyed but felt obligated to go to, I reduced all gifts and spending significantly and I focused on time with my family (movie nights with pop corn and hot chocolate, walks, having friends over for very casual get togethers (no fuss, no hours in the kitchen).  I even did the unthinkable and had take out Chinese food for Christmas dinner (most of my family were away this year so it was a smaller gathering)!  It was amazing how much better I felt and how I did not miss all the "stuff" I normally do.  Good holiday, I would do it again next year!  Something you might want to try!

January is here and I am once again busy.  Buyers are out shopping, offers are being negotiated and I am anticipating an active busy year, probably very little change in price but we are definitely in the long slow recovery that was predicted 3 years ago.  It will take some time to come back, but we are moving in that direction.

So what was happening in real estate in December?  Below are the stats:


Property Type:

25.4% of purchases were by Move-Up Buyers  (up from 24.2% in November) *
20.1% by First Time Buyers  (up from 18.2%) *
11.9% moving from Single Family Home to Strata Unit  (down from 12.6%)
8.2% buying Revenue/Investment Property  (up from 7.6%) *
7.5% buying Recreation Property  (down from 8.1%)
5.2% moving from Strata property to Single Family Home  (up from 3.5%) *
4.5% moving into Retirement Home/Seniors Community  (down from 6.1%)

* During the month of December, there was an increase in purchases by Move-up and First-time buyers, revenue property purchasers, and those moving to single family homes from strata communities.

Buyer Type (Family Dynamic):
31.3% Two Parent Family/Children (up from 22.3%) **
28.4% Couple without Children (up from 26.7% in November)**
16.4% Empty Nester/Retired (down from 21.8%)
11.9% Single Female (down from 12.1%)
9.7% Single Male (down from 13.6%)
3.0% Single Parent with Children (up from 1.5%) **

** There were more purchases by couples without children, two parent families and single parents with children in December compared to the previous month.

Moving From:
66.2% from Within OMREB Board Area  (up from 55.6% in November) ***
14.0% from Alberta (down from 16.9%)
6.6% from Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island  (down from 9.2%)
5.1% from Other Areas in BC  (down from 7.7%)
2.9% from Eastern Canada/Maritimes (down from 3.9%)
2.9% from Outside Canada  (same as November)
2.2% from Saskatchewan/Manitoba (down from 3.9%)
0% from NWT/Yukon (same as November)

*** Compared to November, more buyers moved from within the Board area, and purchasers from other areas declined in December.



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