Renovations continue!!

Well the drama continues with my basement renovations!  The studs are all in and half the drywall is up.  Don't you just love brothers!!  What would I ever do without my wonderful brother, Bill.  He takes time from his incredibly busy schedule to stud my walls and then come back and hang drywall and trust me at 54 years old, this pudgey man is not the drywaller he was 25 years ago!!!  There was much cursing and gnashing of teeth but he got it up.  Then we stalled. 

We are waiting for the ceiling fan/light/heater combo to go up in the bathroom so we can finish the drywalling.  I thought this was such a great idea, a combination fixture that did it all!!!  Did you know that a $160 dollar item will cost $180 to ship from Ontario in two days?  How is that possible???????  Nothing available here in town and that much money to bring it in!!  Needless to say, I went to Home Depot (my new favourite store) and bought a baseboard heater and a fan/light for less than $175, not nearly as innovative but works for me. 

So now I am waiting for those items to be installed so we can finish the boarding (really Bill can finish the boarding!) and then the fun really begins!  I will begin to tape it all and create wonderful walls and I hope!!  I'll keep you posted on how well it all goes!

Derryanne Hubbard

Derryanne Hubbard

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