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I see many blogs come across my computer screen every week but I only follow 2 on any kind of regular basis.  

So I asked myself, why I do follow these 2 blogs?  Interesting question.  

Obviously the topic they mostly blog about truly interests me but so do another 50 or so bloggers that write about the same topic.  What attracts me to their specific blog and how do I bring that intrique to my own blog.  

My favourite blogger writes  about her thoughts and feelsing and interesting events of her life in such a way that it is entertaining and intriguing.  She answers a lot of questions her bloggers have (myself included) and deals with the challenges most of her followers are experiencing.  I find her blog easy and fast to read which is important to me as I am always short of time.  

So, in the interest of keeping this blog easy and fast to ready, I am going to try to step my blog up to something a little more interesting than it has been in the past.  I hope you will join  me and any comments, critiques or suggestions are certainly welcome.

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