10 Simple Tricks to selling your home at Christmas time

Christmas season is upon us once again. This doesn't mean the Real Estate market stops cold.

I've (we've) had a question arise again that deserves a spot on our blog page...

"I want to put my house on the market... do I decorate or not for the holidays?" Great question!

The answer is YES! Absolutely! Within reason...

Most of us love this time of year and tend to go all out. From decorating our home, tree, yard, baking, etc. When your home is your home, go for it!  But to attract a buyer you need to keep a in mind that Less is More.

  1. Keep your home (indoors and outside) clutter free. The potential buyer wants to see "you love your home" and still have room to imagine what it would be like with their tastes scattered throughout
  2. Light up the outside, but again don't go overboard. Put up the lights outside on the house, fence (if you have one) a tree or two. If you have a pathway, add some simple decorations or lights along the path leading to the inviting front door. Avoid the clutter of cut outs, lit up shapes, and worse, inflated decorations that look like a spill of plastic during the day when they are not inflated.
  3. Exterior lights should be in good working order and turn the lights on in the evening. It's inviting that way and who knows... someone might drive by and say "that's my new home!"
  4. Add a splash of festive green and red to the front door. A green garland around the door frame or even a simple wreath with holly berries on it or perhaps a simple red ribbon meandering through it
  5. Put up your tree! Keep the area simple without too many decorations to block the view and crowd the space
  6. Avoid putting up window art, fake snow sprayed, garlands, or tinsel. You want people to look through the windows easily. It's more attractive to buyers
  7.  Keep doorways, pathways and the flow of each room open and easy to walk through. Decorations should be kept to furniture level not floor level if at all possible
  8. It's best to decorate with a theme or 1 to 2 colors. ie: snowflakes with red accents
  9. Christmas Potpourri is always a nice idea but don't be deceived - it won't hide the kitty's toilet smell. Keep the little box clean at all times.
  10. Keep the curtains open during the day, even when it's cloudy/dreary. Natural light is always the most flattering.

In deciding to keep your home on the market through the holidays allows those on vacation and from out of town to take a look. Just remember to keep it simple. Buyers are looking to purchase the home, not your stuff.

Merry Christmas and Happy Selling!

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