3 Simple Steps to Downsizing

After years of watching mega homes dominate residential neighbourhoods we are finally seeing a trend towards “Less Is More” in family homes. Functionality, location, and quality of life are taking priority over square footage. Most people describe the process of purging as freeing – getting off the treadmill of acquisition can be very satisfying and empowering.

It's Simple to Downsize - But it's Not Easy...

If you’re planning on downsizing to a smaller, more practical home, here are 3 simple steps to downsizing and stepping up your quality of life!

  1. Tackle one room at a time - maybe even one closet at a time. Pick the spot that is the fullest, craziest, and messiest and start there.
  2. Move it out then move it back in - The absolute easiest, fastest (seriously) way to do it is to move everything out of the room/closet/drawer, into a nearby space. Thoroughly clean the space (you’re moving out so it needs to be done anyway), then start to put stuff back, examining each piece with a brutally critical eye.
    • Does it really belong in this space? If no, put it where it belongs. If yes, then move on to the next question.
    • Do I use it often? Or… have I used it in the last year? If no, it goes… to the recycle bin, the garbage bin, or the donate bin (you’ll sort that later). If yes, clean it thoroughly and put it back in.
    • Do I have more than one? If yes, ask yourself is that necessary? If no, see previous question.
  3. Empty the recycle bin every day until the job is done. Deliver it to the Thrift Store or Charity. Can’t deliver it that day? Put it in the trunk of the car so it’s out of your space and handy for the next time you’re running errands.

There are a number of worthy causes that will gratefully accept donations of your expendable "stuff".

  • Salvation Army, located downtown North Shore on Tranquille
  • Flutter Buys, located further down Tranquille Road towards the airport supports Hospice with their fundraising.
  • Value Village, located downtown Kamloops on Seymour Street will give you a punch card for credit towards future purchases of more "stuff"!


Whatever you do – Don’t put it in garage. Somehow we’ve converted it into our storage space and the car is relegated to the driveway. If you’re selling and you garage is full of “stuff”, it won’t show well anyway. And you’re going to need to move all that “stuff” anyway – Now’s the time. 

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