Curb Appeal is Now On-Line

We all know what curb appeal means – at least traditionally. You want your home to make a positive, warm impression when the buyer first pulls up to the curb.  Now, however, the curb is on-line - your curb is virtual! 

  • Over 70% of home buyers look for real estate videos, 4 billion videos in general are viewed EVERY DAY!
  • “Century 21 enjoyed a nearly 20% increase in sales thanks to real estate video marketing campaigns their agents ran through viral social media sites.”
  • And Google owns Youtube, so guess what? Youtube video’s are given a higher ranking authority than any other medium! Your home's listing will rank over others through our use of video. Indeed, videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page on Google as opposed to traditional web pages without video. - Forrester Research

These stats cement the notion that virtual curb appeal has never been more important than it is today. So how can you help your REALTOR® create superior online curb appeal?

When your REALTOR® is photographing your home for listing:

  • You and your REALTOR® will first make a list of features to highlight.  
  • Ensure nothing is displayed that would make you or potential buyers uncomfortable when it shows up on the Internet.
  • Remove most personal items ie: family photo’s, ornaments, pet food dishes and pet beds, magazines, pedicure kits, etc. Clean & tidy relaxes the buyer and sells the home. Clutter, mess and dirt repel.
  • When filming your home, your REALTOR® will identify a focal point in all of the main rooms and may ask you to move a chair or lamp, etc to best highlight the mood of the space.
  • Buying a home is an emotional decision. The marketing needs to reflect that understanding. And your REALTOR® knows what the market is looking for. Support them in identifying the feeling to convey with this listing; cozy, family home, high end loft, executive home, luxurious living, cabin in the woods/rustic.
  • Lifestyle sells! Convey lifestyle. Put people in it if you can. Dad at the barbecue, kiddies in the sand box, a group of teens in the game room. Don’t worry about dialogue or noise. Your REALTOR® will be overlaying vocal and text talking points once he has uploaded it to the computer.
  • Ensure key features are always ready to present; a large patio, spectacular landscaping, an infinity pool, a real stone, floor-to-ceiling fireplace.

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