Great Kamloops Acreage Area (Pratt road in Barnhartvale)

If you are thinking about buying an acreage in the Kamloops area the homes along Pratt road are worth a look. When looking for an acreage most people's wish list includes relative quietness, paved road access, usuable acres, proximity to town, abundance of water and cell phone reception.  All of these wishes are checked off with homes along Pratt road, particularly near the top of Pratt road.  Because this area is still in the city limits you even get city services like water and garbage pickup. What separates this area compared to other acreage areas around Kamloops is the proximity to an Elementary school, it is just a few minutes drive away.

Kamloops acreage for sale on Pratt road

Pratt road Kamloops BC Kamloops acreage for sale

Kamloops real estate for sale

Kamloops acreage for sale in Kamloops

If you are considering buying or selling an acreage in Kamloops area or know of someone else that is please contact me.  I will help you make an informed decision using the latest real estate market information and local knowledge to help you get the best results.

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