Kamloops Bed and Breakfast (B&B) for Sale

If you are looking to move to Kamloops and you are thinking of starting a Bed and Breakfast there is potentially a lot of opportunity out there for you. Kamloops is a transportation hub of the interior which makes it a natural place for people to stop along their travels.

The things to consider when looking into buying a house that is suitable for a Bed and Breakfast obviously start with some fundamentals like a nice decor, good location and a decent views. Other things to consider is zoning.  There are not that many lots in Kamloops that are currently zoned to allow for a Bed and Breakfast. But what you can do is apply for a variance to the zoning.  Applying for this variance could only cost as little as $1500. 

It is possible to get a permit for a Bed and Breakfast without a properly zoned house but if you start operating a B&B in a location not zoned for that and the city of Kamloops gets a written complaint things can get expensive pretty quickly. For starters, applying for a variance doubles to $3000.


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