Spring Cleaning, Inside and Out

March 20th is the first day of spring in 2015. Time to dung out!

Spring cleaning inside

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning your home, historically done during the first warm days of spring, usually March, when the windows and doors could be kept open and every room freshened. In the “olden days” when homes were heated by wood or coal fires, and lit by coal or kerosene lamps or candles, this meant moving everything outside that could be moved, the drapes taken down and washed, rugs rolled up and hung outside, rugs and blankets beaten to within an inch of their lives and the inside of the home thoroughly washed. Today, not so much.

That said, if your home is being put on the market it’s a good idea to do some of that – especially if pets live in your home too. Pull the beds away from the wall and dust behind them, swipe along the top of pictures long hung on the walls, send the drapes out to be cleaned, and steam clean the carpets.

Spring cleaning outside

Dunging out the yard of winter kill is just as critical to showcase your home. You only get one chance to make a first impression and many buyers will have made their mind up to reject a home before they walk through the door. Make sure yours doesn’t say “delayed maintenance”.

If you just don’t have time to do it, Kamloops has several reputable landscaping companies who have trained pruners, trucks for hauling and strong backs. They can have an average sized town lot cleaned up in less than a day.

Or you can do-it-yourself when the sun is shining during our glorious spring days. Much of the work is just plain grunt work. Pulling out the broken branches, raking up the rotten leaves from the late fall, and picking up the debris that has blown into the yard and lain under the blanket of snow.

Spring Cleaning

Unless you are experienced though, call in the experts to do the pruning. Most amateurs

will prune too little. I remember tackling a climbing rose bu

Spring Cleaning

sh that had risen to the height of a 2 story building and begun to scramble along the roof. I pruned

it down to 6 feet and cut away about ¾ of the wood. The neighbours thought I’d killed it. That summer the brilliant yellow blooms were thicker than anyone could remember, and still peaked into the second story window!

The Kamloops area has several community recycle yards where you can take your yard waste, with Cinnamon Ridge just west of the airport on Tranquille Road being the premiere site.

 After you’ve dropped off the yard waste, make sure you pick up a load of fresh composted, very affordable top soil to refresh your gardens!

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