Top 8 Features Home Buyers are Looking For…

Thinking of renovating to sell? Check out the most popular features home buyers are looking for.

1. The Kitchen – Reconciling our busy lifestyles with convenience, the kitchen remains the “hub” of the home. The massive chef’s kitchen intimidates our busy moms and dads who are looking for a beautiful, but efficient work space. Bar stools at an island invites grab & go snacks, granite or stone counters provide beauty and durability. Dishwashers are a must for quick clean ups, and a pantry for easy to see food storage are strong drawing cards in the kitchen.

2. Full EnsuitesEnsuite bathrooms off the master bath has been the norm for years. But today's buyers are looking for all four pieces in today's ensuite (shower, tub, toilet and sink).

3. Smaller Footprints – Here too efficiency is key. Large homes are expensive to heat, cool and maintain. New home owners are looking for smaller homes, and smaller yards, with access to public play areas like green space walking/hiking trails, community gazebos and parks, etc.

4. Outdoor Living Spaces – Patios provide an extension of the living space and 31.4 percent of people surveyed said they wanted an outdoor fireplace/firepit! [2011 Design Driver Survey]

5. Open Concept Floor plans – Smaller homes call for creative use of space. Combining the visual flow from kitchen to dining room to living room provides a sense of expanse.

6. Ample Storage - We have a LOT of STUFF! Two and three car garages, walk in closets and spacious laundry rooms all say “ample storage”. Tiny his and hers closets, the 18 inch hallway linen closet/broom closet and the carport just doesn’t cut it.

7. Newer Furnaces, hot water tanks and roofs – Almost without fail the age of these three things comes into note when a buyer is looking at a home. No one wants to face major repair within the first few years of moving in. You won’t get more for the home if you replace these items, but your home will be more attractive to a buyer – marketable!

8. Neutral/natural color has always been the guiding principal in wall paint. Today, dark kitchen cabinets are popular and wood floor finishing or polished concrete are replacing the old fashioned wall to wall carpets. Why? Time efficiency demands easy cleaning and lower maintenance solutions.



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