what should your down payment on a home be?

Earlier this week I was chatting with a person who was waiting until they had 20% down to buy their first home. They did not know that they could buy a home with less money,  partly because they were ill-informed. They were surprise when I told them all they needed was a minimum of 5% to put down, More is great if you can. The most important thing is to know how much you qualify for- First, and what You feel is a comfortable mortgage payment.

Just because you can afford on paper, a $400,000.00 home does not mean that you want a mortgage for a $400,000.00 Home. Who wants to be House-Poor?   Also something to consider is; if your income demishes, could you still afford your home and all of your expenses? Because life happens. Owning a home is great but Knowing what  Kind of home you can afford is Smart investing. Your Mortgage Broker or Banker can help you plan for your home. To help you  make the leap to home ownership I have linked a  Real Estate Council Of British Columbia PDF about Buying a home In BC.  

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