xeriscape - Much More than Rocks

Xeriscape is trending in the Kamloops region as the price of water goes up and the availability becomes limited. How you do it will have a direct affect on the value of your home and the sense of welcome it provides to prospective buyers.

Most people picture a mass of rocks. That not only doesn't look nice, and isn't enjoyable to use, it will dramatically heat up your home as the rocks absorb and hold the heat well into the night.

Consider patterns and color, softened with some drought resistant plantings.

Containers stuffed to overflowing will provide that lush feeling to a patio or walkway. Your garden center can advise you on the best plants and plant pots to reduce over heating of the roots.

The market heats up as the summer approaches! Call Doren or Jim for a free home evaluation and find out the best time to sell your home.

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